Sap-Seal® Corrosion Prevention Caps – It’s Always Smart To Use Protection!  

SAP-SEAL® PRODUCTS, INC. is a 35 year old service-oriented company that specializes in solving generic and unique problems related to nut and bolt protection.  The use of Sap-Seal® Caps has solved many problems within the oil and gas, power generation, waste water, marine, bridge building, sandblasting and electric industries. Since nuts and bolts are used in millions of applications, across thousands of industries, Sap-Seal® Caps can be found in all corners of the earth!  

SAP-SEAL® Products – The Screw-On & Snap-On Cap That Offers Your Nuts Corrosion Prevention.

SAP-SEAL® screw-on is a patented plastic cap pre-filled (optional) with a rust inhibitor that is effortlessly screwed on to the exposed threads of a bolt caping both the nut and bolt and protecting both from corrosion. SAP-SEAL® caps are made of polyethylene high-density plastic enabling the caps to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40°F up to 200°F. Caps can be customized—including color—for special applications and situations.

Key Benefits:

SAP-SEAL® caps provide the best line of defense against corrosion where you use a nut and bolt – underwater (fresh and salt), above ground and underground.

SAP-SEAL® caps stay in place for many years. This longevity is very cost effective and while protecting against rust and corrosion, it also protects against accidental thread damage when performing maintenance.

SAP-SEAL® caps allow the end users to re-evaluate the purchasing of coated nuts and bolts.

SAP SEAL® caps are available in metric and U.S. units (inches) for bolt sizes ¼” to 3 ¾”. Custom colors and non-standard sizes as well as alterations to existing models are also available upon request.

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